MyleFly For Sellers

For the first time, frequent flyers can sell award tickets redeemed from their miles to others through a fully automated process provided by MyleFly.

Tell us how many miles do you want sale

we find a match between your mileage & a certain flight ticket

Now you can make the sale and earn money

Following the registration, MyleFly adds your miles to our inventory and when we find a match between your mileage to a certain demand for a flight ticket we make a transaction by redeeming your miles to that award ticket, sell it and then fund you accordingly (in case you haven’t left your Paypal or bank account details we will contact you in order to receive your preferred payment method).

In order to ensure proper usage of our service by sellers and due to anti-fraud considerations MyleFly will credit the sellers few business days following return flights in a round trip award tickets or following the departure flight in a one way award ticket.

As a seller, you can decide that MyleFly will sell unlimited miles from your account or alternatively limit the number of miles that will be sold from your account.

In addition, you can choose, for each airline registered at MyleFly, the price per mile at which we will try to find an appropriate buyer (recommended prices are set as defaults), or whether you let the MyleFly algorithm calculate the best price based on real time market prices of flight tickets. Prices will always be within a predefined range displayed when registering a new airline account. Prices range may change from time to time by MyleFly to ensure it is in line with market demand.

MyleFly credits sellers according to the payment details specified in their MyleFly account. Please make sure details are accurate so we can fund the amount properly when due date arrives. Payment method supported initially are wire transfers and Paypal.

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