MyleFly Loyalty Club

MyleFly Loyalty Club


MyleFly has its own loyalty club to reward its loyal members, both buyers and sellers. The different classes at the club are:

·         Member

·         Silver

·         Gold

·         Platinum


The benefits gained from the MyleFly loyalty club directly impact the price offered to an account member, whether a buyer or a seller. If you are a buyer, the higher your loyalty club class, the bigger the discount you receive when purchasing flight tickets, whereas if you are a seller, the higher your loyalty club class, the higher the reward you receive per mile (assuming you have let MyleFly calculate the price for you rather than set a fix price per mile).


You can enjoy the benefits to which you are entitled by virtue of your class status whether you gained that status as a buyer or as a seller. For example, you may have earned your class status by selling miles, but you will still be receiving the appropriate discount attached to that class status if you purchase flight tickets via MyleFly.


Status Criteria:


Status Accumulated Transactions amount for the last 12 months
Silver $25,000
Gold $50,000
Platinum $100,000



MyleFly Seller’s class will be matched with the highest class membership it is registered at his airlines frequent flyer programs.


Once a certain class status is granted, it is valid for 12 months.


Special rewards according to class status:


Status *Additional Markup for Sellers Special Discount for Buyers
Silver 1% 1%
Gold 2% 2%
Platinum 3% 3%

*MyleFly calculates the price for the seller according to market price in real time, assuming there is no fixed price per mile set to a predefined value by the seller at his MyleFly airline account.


Criteria and rewards can be changed by MyleFly at any time based on MyleFly different considerations.